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Hand Pallet Truck for Sale In Melbourne

A Pallet Truck is a kind of machinery equipment used in warehouses. It is firmly available in three forms: T-Series Premium, A-Series Hi Range, A series mini range II. A pallet truck is also known as a Hand Pallet Truck. To buy a Hand Pallet Truck for Sale in Melbourne, you can visit Forklifts 4U; it has a fantastic quality of warehouse equipment. The Hand Pallet Truck has the features of Optimisation of round fork tips which ensures an easy operation. It has a 54mm fork thickness which provides high capacity. The Curvy design on the fork tips helps pallets enter in and out. It also has a Welding pump, a leak-proof design with an overloading safety valve, and a chrome-plated piston. Forklifts 4U has an exceptional technical support staff; they can help their customers with anything they need.

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