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A series high range stand-on pallet stacker with mast move


Electric power steering is standard specification, which provides flexible operation.

The latest AC control system realizes accurate and stable control, and higher efficiency.


The electronic limit system can reduce vibration and noise when mast move forward.

The lower vibration pedal offers much higher driving comfort, and reduces fatigue of long-duration operation.


Four-pivots and low-gravity-center design and the high-strength steel plate framed structure feature large residual load capacity, and long service life.

Reach track of mast is made of high-strength steel channels, with longer service life.


Travel speed will be automatically reduced after fork lifting 500mm.

Automatic deceleration during turning.

Three braking system of regenerative braking, reverse current braking, parking brake, insures the safe operation.

The belly button on the tiller head can effectively avoid the harm to the driver.

Soft landing system applied to protect loads from damaging effectively.


Integrated battery indicator, hour meter and self-diagnostic instrument.

Full opened hood, easy accessibility of all components, is easy for service.

Mast height: 2000-4500mm for duplex mast, 3500-5500mm for triplex mast

Side roll out battery and trolley

Various fork lengths

Sideshift move LH/RH:100mm

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