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Forklift Sales

The sale and cost of the equipment will decrease and increase depending on the size, capacity, attachments and the demanded usage of the truck.By anticipating which forklift will have the best returns is one of the key points to remember before investing in     machinery.

Forklift Hire

Our effective forklifts
assist you in dealing with transportation purposes of heavy goods indoor or outdoor, considerably reducing the manpower and cutting off the amount of time in moving the stock around warehouses, construction sites and different work areas.

Forklift Servicing

Forklifts trucks play a significant role in many factories and businesses from transporting goods to construction sites and to dumping yards. In these workplaces, heavy duty is performed so functionality check should be taken at regular intervals to prevent dangerous accidents.

Why choose Forklift4U?

Forklifts4U is Hangcha Forklift biggest importer and distributor in Australia. Hangcha Forklift is a world top 8 brand in forklift enterprise, manufacturing industry in China with over 60 years’ experience.

Why should you choose a
Hangcha forklift truck?

Founded in 1956,transformed from a state-owned company into a private share-holding company in 2000,HANGCHA has carried too much responsibility and hope from every sector of the China society in 60 years’histories.

The new industry park is built for the futher development of HANGCHA. It locates in Lin’an economical Zone,west of Hangzhou,along beautiful Qingshan Lake, it’s close to innovation base of zhejiang scientific research institution.

Hangcha is a national high-tech enterprises, province-level technology center,gathers first-class R&D team in china, owns four forklift institute,four components institutes,one technology institute and one national approvallab lab.

Popular Product

Forklift4U has a complete product range of material handling equipment, from 1-46t internal combustion counterbalance forklift, 1-16t electric counterbalance forklift truck, warehouse equipment, 3-6t side loader, empty container handler, reach stacker and more.

Customized Forklifts for Sale in Victoria

Forklift4u has started a reduction in their forklifts according to the size of the forklift and capacity as well. One can snap up Forklifts For Sale Knoxfield, Forklifts For Sale Victoria, and Forklifts For Sale Melbourne. There are Lift Trucks For Sale In Melbourne. The Hangcha Forklift Australia has High Reach Forklift For Sale In Melbourne. The Pallet Racking System Melbourne, Hangcha Forklift For Hire Melbourne, Hangcha Forklifts Dealer Victoria, and Hangcha Forklift For Hire Victoria have Multi-Directional Sale Forklift For Sale in Australia. The Forklifts Dealer In Melbourne has reduced prices for Customized Forklifts For Sale In Victoria and New Forklifts For Sale Melbourne.

Maintenance and servicing on regular basis is a must to keep running the equipment by providing fast results and making sure of a safe working environment.

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